And now back to the show…

brad_womack31.jpgbrad_womack31.jpgbrad_womack3.jpgYes I’ve been off- blog for a couple of days. Birthday was great and I got a lot of nice cards and gifts (mostly in gift cards) which I’ve already spent over half. I love to shop for books, music, and electronics. Yes gift cards are the perfect for me because my shopping tastes never seem to stay the same. DL thanks for the gift card I had a great tibrad_womack3.jpgbrad_womack3.jpgme in the book store! And L I’m hanging on the Amex for something special, maybe another Flamingo in Florida. I also spent some time giving this blog a new look which kept me away. It was fun creating the banner and I think the colors a really me. On the other hand I haven’t had a lot to blog about lately. I’ve allowed myself to sleep in over the past few days trying to recapture lost ZZZZs. So I’ve been waking up close to the time I leave for work. But I’m also waking up at 3am every night. And it’s almost right on the dot, 3am or 305am. Of course I can’t get right back to sleep so I’ve been turning on the TV. Now there’s something sad everything is paid programming and 50 percent of it is Girls Gone Wild or how do I get a bigger penis. Speaking of girls gone wild, I watched the Bachelor last night and every season those ladies get more stupid. In fact I’m pretty sure some were Girls Gone Wild rejects. But boy is the bachelor a cutie. I’m watching the show just to enjoy the male scenery. So DL this pic is for you.











One Response to “And now back to the show…”

  1. Thanks for the Tuesday eye candy! 😉 (Doesn’t get you out of Hot Hunk Thursday though… HAHA!!)

    So glad your birthday was a good one! I agonized over what to get you but then took a clue from one of your previous blogs. Hope you were able to even get more bang for the buck with the enclosed coupon!

    Looks like a good season for TV this year… FINALLY! I’m going to give “Dirty Sexy Money” a whirl. Looks like my kind of show: rich, slutty, back-stabbing, bed-hopping characters!

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