Out Of Touch

Do I ever feel out of touch. I went on a web hunt, looking to upgrade my version of FrontPage yesterday. It’s a web authoring tool made by Microsoft that’s been out for over a hundred years. Okay maybe not that long but I’ve had it forever, having gone through versions 1,2,3, and yes 4. When I searched the web, I couldn’t find any stores carrying the darn thing. This made me wonder so I went to Microsoft’s website and low and behold FrontPage is no more, they’ve replaced it with a brand new product that’s twice the cost. As I looked over the specs what really bothered me was how advanced web publishing has become, with cascading style sheets and dynamic this and that. I felt like I’d been a sleep for a hundred years. Gone are the days you created a table put some words and pretty pictures in the boxes and hit the publish key. Boy where have I been?So upgrading right now is out of the question. I’ll just use what I have and worry about some other day. Just like I’m going to worry about getting my car fixed another day. Thankfully I can use a friend’s in the meantime. I’m sure I’ll get it in next week but right now I want to do the Scarlett O’Hara approach. I’m anxiously awaiting Fall. It’s been hotter than usually and with no breeze it’s down right nasty. Each morning I’ve been waking up to a sinus headache and watery eyes even though I’m on allergy medication. Today I’m going to try to produce several more pages on my manuscript since I at least have my head above water at work and I don’t have to spend it catching up this weekend. Other than that the weekend is full of possibilities!


One Response to “Out Of Touch”

  1. Scarlett –

    Yes, I play that game often myself!

    Not much going on here… A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to work 2 days a week (Tues and Friday) in one of the local flower shops here… so I’m thinking about it. A mindless, no-responsibilty job I can handle. Anything else —> Nope! Been there, done that, don’t want to do it again. I will vote myself off the island.

    Other than possibly thinking about doing that, the only thing on the agenda this weekend is a “Nerd Party” that Paul and I have to attend tonight. It’s going to be a pot-luck for all the Math, Chemistry, and Engineering staff from the university. Are you insanely jealous??!! 😉



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