I’ve been pulled from life support…

Yes it’s true. I’ve been pulled off life support and am I gasping for breath. At least that’s what it felt like yesterday when on the way home from work I turned the air conditioner up and nothing happened. In fact there wasn’t even a whips of air coming from the vents. I’m in the process of calling the dealership to make an appointment. So yesterday with all the windows down and the sun roof open I made the trek home with warm wind blowing, that was when I was moving. At every stop light I was paralyzed from no movement of air and gasp for breath praying I could hold out and make it through the light. Which makes me think that humans have evolved or de-evolved I should say into air-condition thriving beings. No more could we toil the land in heat above 80 degrees without passing out.  I think we’ve turned into wimps, well at least me. <g>So anyway I have my work cut out of me this weekend with at least one thing I need to do. Get life support back! Happy Friday.


One Response to “I’ve been pulled from life support…”

  1. Remind me NOT to take you around in my little MGB sports car! NO AC at all!

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