Thursday Stuff

josh_holloway.jpgIt’s hot hunk Thursday and (1.) I remembered, and (2.) I’m not posting late. Yeah.  It’s Sawyer from Lost. I’ve completed several little chores this week. One being I stopped at the gas station and put air in my tires. This has been weighing on my mind for a while. Ever since I came back from Florida I noticed my tires were low on air. Now you would think no big deal just stop at the gas station, pull into that little area where they have the water and air pump and go to work, right? Well it’s taken me so long because every time I remember it’s in the morning on the way to work. Well I’m not about to get my hands all dirty so early in the day and besides the hose is always hard to use, it only stretches so far and I don’t want to make a spectacle of myself during rush hour. So the next time I remember is on my way home, at this point I am just to tired to make the stop. Yesterday I said screw it just get it over with and viola it’s now done. Okay so there’s a little more air in there than necessary and I sit 2 ft higher than normal, and the manual says never over inflate your tires, but I don’t care. The gauge that’s attached to the pump is so worn it looks as old a relic and my eyes are already bad enough with over 40 eyesight that I’m not going to risk further degeneration at this point so I eyeball it. Now that I sit so high it makes me think that I need to put something else on my to-do list …a visit to the eye doctor.


One Response to “Thursday Stuff”

  1. That’s my girl… Living Dangerously! Good job!!

    Bad news about the over-40 eyesight, future Birthday Girl: It just gets worse!

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