Get Ready The New Fall TV Season Is Here

Okay so the new fall TV season is here. Survivor comes on Thursday and I’ll try out Kid Nation tonight. Thank goodness Biggest Loser came on early and there are several two hour episodes for me to enjoy. The following week the flood gates open and all I can say is bless the DVR. Ghost Hunters finally has some new episodes, Ghost Whisperer will be back and the new Moonlight makes its debut. Oh and how could I forget Ugly Betty one of my favorite shows. I wasn’t planning to watch the Bachelor but after seeing the guy I may have to add that show to my list.  Unfortunately Lost won’t be on until next year, that show is driving me nuts by the way and Blood Ties doesn’t start until October. I think I’ll give Pushing Daisies a try, something about a guy who brings back the dead so he can solve crimes and make money sounds fun to watch. If you haven’t seen Just For Laughs this summer you’ve missed out on the funniest thing since Candid Camera. Looks like they’re keeping it so try it out. Its 30 minutes of laugh your ass off hilarity and I always feel a little happier.  I’m happy to say work this week hasn’t been as hectic as last but there was a fire or two to put out. There always seems to be a fire blazing somewhere and I think I’m running out of hose and water. Grin. I’m still in the process of copying over all my CDs to the computer so I’ve been burning about 10 a night. They way I’m going I’ll be done by the year 2010. I’m on a big kick to simplify my life by getting rid of things that I don’t use and just take up space. So far I’ve cleaned out my closet and some of my filing cabinets. I still have the CDs to burn, and the books in the large bookcase in the sun room to go through. The garage will be the biggest chore because not only do I need to get rid of stuff , all the hazardous items like paint and cleaners need to go to the City drop off place, then the garage really needs to be painted. So I will do this all little by little.


2 Responses to “Get Ready The New Fall TV Season Is Here”

  1. Oh my gosh! Too many choices! I want to see them all!

  2. Give “My Name is Earl” a try! The season premier is on tonight from 7-8pm. The humor is raw but the characters are extrememly memorable… a good combination in my opinion!

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