It Was A Long And Dry Summer

Ah the new TV season is just around the corner and it can’t come soon enough. It’s been a long dull summer filled with nothing but junk on the telly. However this dry spell forced me out of my comfort zone, like watching HGTV, and made me go explore other forms of media… that would be other channels that is. Yeah I bet you thought I was going to say something like going I went to the movies, I read a hundred books, I mixed and mingled with people. Hah. Right now vegetating is about all I can do. I know it’s sad, me a writer succumbing to a zombie like state in front of the boob tube. Don’t worry I’ll come out of it. Anyway I’ve found some wonderful new shows this summer that got me through and are probably worth mentioning. Mainly, so I can get other people to watch them so they come back next summer when the boob tube shrivels up. Okay that probably wasn’t the best metaphor. Sorry. Cities of the Underworld proved a great way to kill an hour and is on the history channel. Monday nights there’s two episodes shown back to back where the host goes underground all over the world. Turkey had to be one of my faves. Digging for the Truth, about an archeologist who explores everything under the sun was delicious with great eye candy. The host reminded me of Indiana Jones. Unfortunately he’s no longer on the show and has been replaced by yet another hunky stud archeologist but he’s just not as hunky. Ah let’s see I’m tapping my finger against my lip, oh there was Pirate Master which was so- so and they pulled it, but I really wanted to see what to see the outcome of who won the money. Oh Fat March was good. I love reality TV where people are losing weight walking from NYC to DCA, challenged to hike a measly 15 miles a day weighing over 300 pounds. That’ll teach to eat that extra burger, like I’m one to talk. LOLNow the History and Discovery Channel really came through. Discovery had a theme nights and Sunday night was all about Egypt which I couldn’t get enough of especially the episode when they discovered a new tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Still thinking of what else I watched and I’m fumbling. Nope can’t really think of anything else right now. Tomorrow I’ll be talking about what’s coming up and what I’ll be watching this new fall season. It really looks like the networks are finally taking a chance by getting away from CSI and Law and Order type stuff. I’m glad because there’s so much of it, not to mention what’s on the news every night. Oh I’ve given up watching the news I find it’s too depressing and between the Presidential candidates, Britney spears and Paris Hilton I say why bother. I know that sounds bad but when you know how the movie ends why watch?


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