Write Space

I’ve been reading on some of the writing blogs lately about writing spaces. It’s funny that most authors say the same thing, there’s not one good place to write all the time. Some prefer coffee houses, others the couch, some have home offices. I’m lucky enough to have a home office and it’s decorated in a style that reminds me of Florida. The walls are painted light blue which reminds me of Florida’s gulf coast. I have fishing nets hanging from the ceiling and everywhere you look is flamingo paraphernalia and sea shells. I usually do most my writing in my office but I’m pretty sure I’ve done some of my best writing, meaning most dedicated writing sessions, in public places room.jpglike doctors offices, the court yard at work and of course on the screened in porch in Florida. There I have a great view of the golf course and you never know what’s going to walk by. One morning I saw two Sandhill cranes chase each across the lawn. Oh I think I need to add these birds were around 4ft tall. But I digress. Those moments that I write away from my home office have one thing in common. There’s no internet access. LOL Who would have thunk. Anyway here’s a pic of my office at home. I love visuals so whenever I’m crafting a story I always have pictures of what I think my characters look like. The bulletin board in front of the computer is a collage of the story I’m currently working on.  And if you’re wondering, today I’m writing in the office.


One Response to “Write Space”

  1. What a GREAT PICTURE of your office!!!! I love it!!! I never knew you were so much into flamingos! Had I known that last summer, ** YOU ** would have been the main suspect in The Big Birthday Flamingo Caper that went on for 2 months!!!

    Send more pics of your room along with your bulletin board pictures! I want to see what the characters that you’re writing about look like!

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