And How Was Your Weekend?

Wow I had a relaxing and productive weekend. Even though I did about 8 hours of work, I knocked out two projects that had been on plate that have been taking up space in mind. Don’t have to worry about those anymore. I also did housework and laundry…check, the grocery shopping…check, check, and paid for my ticket to Florida…check, check, and check. I even managed to get in two naps and had dinner with a neighbor friend on Sunday night. On Tuesday morning at 0800 I go in front of the top brass at work to help give a presentation. Yikes that’s always scary. I’m not the main speaker thankfully, I’m there to fill in the blanks. At least I know most of them so it’s not like I’m going in front of a room of strangers but I’ll be glad when it’s over.  I found out I may be going to London next month on a business trip that should be interesting, tiring, and of course fun, I also will be going to some of our offices on the east coast and yes that too will be interesting, tiring and fun but I’ll get to play catch up with folks I talk with over the phone and daily basis. Sadly nothing happened this weekend on the writing front and it wasn’t for lack of time. I just didn’t want to write. I think I lost my writing mojo temporarily of course. I have an idea of where this is coming from. Writing is a lonely business. Although it doesn’t have to be. <g> But I’ll get out of this writing rut one way or another! Happy Monday


One Response to “And How Was Your Weekend?”

  1. OK… I’m back in business now!! NO, NOT THAT KIND OF BUSINESS… HAHA!!!

    Bring on the Blog entries! What’s going on with you? 😉

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