Vacation Write UP


I’m back from a great trip to Florida. Sometimes there is nothing better than no internet, no phone calls and not having to plan your day. L and I arrived Friday amidst the worst thunderstorm I’ve possibly ever seen in Florida. We landed without any problems and I really didn’t care the plane was just about flying upside down, I was watching Spider Man 3. Rather than a safe landing, I was more worried that I wouldn’t get to see the end of the show (even though I would only give the movie 2 stars). <g> A ground stop for twenty minutes held us at bay from getting to the gate but no worries there either. After unloading it was off to the food court and L and I headed in different directions for food. Of course we both ended up at the pizza place, it beat the burger joint. After a quick fix of transfats and carbonated beverages we headed down to baggage claim where L’s checked luggage was waiting for her off to the side.  Sweet no crowds for us having taken the detour to the food court first.  The shuttle bus took longer than normal because of the heavy rain and lightening. It was good to see Florida getting soaked since it has been so dry. We then made it to our final destination and walked into house that was a bit dusty and needed a good cleaning. The next day we did just that and even called the carpet cleaning company. By the time they were done, the carpets looked new. We dusted from top to bottom, a light pole in the front yard got fixed, and the air conditioner all cleaned out.  This all accomplished under no stress, no timeline, done in between trips to the pool, shopping and eating. So sense of accomplishment was had, rest and relaxation was achieved, I even got some writing done probably because I didn’t have constant internet access. Let me back up. I did get some internet from a neighbor who obviously didn’t know how to set up a secured network. LOL.  I know at this point it may not sound like a vacation with all the little chores going on but it really was. I absolutely love Florida and here’s why. Florida in my opinion is one of the most beautiful states, especially central Florida. Even though it may get a little on the hot a muggy side there is always a breeze to cool you off when you think you’ve had enough. The landscape can’t be beat. It’s green and dotted with the most breath taking Oak tree’s you’ve ever seen draped in Spanish moss . Lying in the pool on my floatie I love to watch the big puffy clouds dance in the sky some look friendly while others promise rain. The atmosphere breeds a sense of laid backness like no other. The wetlands, a fancy word for swamps are feed by fresh water springs are a beautiful aqua blue and getting on a boat to glide through them brings an almost deafening quiet. There a re birds of all shapes and colors from the tall and proud looking great heron to the little white Ibis which bring a bit of Egypt to the place.  The turtles, always cute sit on logs forming nature’s traffic jam and even the alligator’s look almost docile as they float effortlessly along the banks. There is so much old history too from St. Augustine the oldest city in the US, to the old farm houses that dot the landscape with 1920s and 30s character, to the old road side shell shops. You can still find tiny time capsules in the old towns that have never been renovated and imagine being transferred back to Florida in the 1950s. Of course progress and new highways will eventually lay claim to these pieces of history but its fun enjoying them while they last. On one trip I actually took a tour of the home of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, the author of the yearling and the place had not been touched since her death in 1950. Most of my stories are set in Florida for the very reason that it’s such a beautiful and wonderful place to be which has inspired me so much to write about it.


One Response to “Vacation Write UP”

  1. ABSOLUTELY LOVED YOUR WRITE-UP BAOUT FLORIDA!!! I’ve only been there one time (to do the Disneyland thing) so didn’t really have the same first impression as what you described. It truly does sound like Heaven on Earth…(especially all the time-capsuled buildings and towns that you described as well as the incredible variety of nature!)

    Hurry, hurry… Get your Lifeboat Plan going so I can come visit and see Florida the way that you do!

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