So Long Summer

When I woke up this morning it was like any other, I tossed and turned a little bit, tried to get back to sleep then realized one little puppy dog had to go outside. So I got up picked up the little munchkin and off we went to do business. Mr. B went outside and I started making coffee. That’s when I realized how dark it was. Of course it was early, early morning but usually there’s a hint of pink and pale blue in the sky, and I can hear a few birds chirping ready for breakfast. Not so this morning. Then it hit me it’s Sept 3rd and Fall is just around the corner.  Unlike Spring that slowly makes it presence known with a few bright mornings, and the trees and plants turning a beautiful shade of light green, Fall comes in like a Viking sailing into battle. All of sudden it’s there. So I’m kind of wistful today knowing the leaves will soon be falling and the color of Summer will start to fade. The days are already showing signs of getting shorter and in time the day will only be half as long. It’s as if nature, like Six Flags is closing up for business.  I love to watch the seasons change but each year the first time I notice Summer is on the way out I always get a little misty.


2 Responses to “So Long Summer”

  1. I will remember this summer as being the strangest, most bizarre summer of my life… because of the incredibly unusual weather!!!

    Whoever would have believed that south TEXAS, of all places, would have been drowning in a 3-month rain AND that it never broke 100-degrees the entire summer???!!! Not even 1 day!!

    Good-by and good riddance! Anyone for predictable Fall weather? 😉

  2. I love Fall! My favorite time of year. I really liked the unusual summer we had this year.

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