Sunday Nonesense

I’m back from a wonderful retreat in Florida. Time went by too quickly and I’ll have more to post on Monday, the whole run down…which wasn’t much but just some thoughts on vacation. The good thing about returning home is of course Mr. B and good friend CT had rescued him from the boarding place earlier in the day. L and I went over to her house for a grand reunion and had Chinese food. The house was in good shape, it didn’t burn down no flooding and it was all in one piece. I always have a phobia of coming home and the house being gone. LOL. I was waiting to be blasted by heat upon returning but to my surprise it was actually quite pleasant. Did a few chores this morning like got the fountain going again, it had run dry while I was away and I was afraid the pump had burned out but it’s a hearty little thing. I then weeded the front flower bed then filled the bird feeders up. I bet the birdies have been wondering why the Swanberg diner has been closed. Later it’s off to the grocery store to resupply and before that I will do some writing. Because of a local thunderstorm before I left I was unable to upload hot hunk Thursday and didn’t have any internet access so here’s the make-up one. Enjoy!athena1.jpg


2 Responses to “Sunday Nonesense”

  1. GLAD YOU’RE BACK and hope that the time off helped to renew your spirit!!!

    Because you missed the previous “Hot Hunk Thursday”… (A storm? Likely excuse… you know I probably don’t keep up with your daily weather!!!) —-> Here is your penalty:

    You must now post a BONUS HUNK ASAP. 😉

  2. Welcome Back!!!! Glad to see you had a great time.

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