Count Down to Vacation

Stay tuned. I’m working on something to post on the blog on a regular basis. You’ll probably see it several times during the week in addition to my normal ramblings. It’s coming in a couple of weeks, I hope. <g> it’s going to be a mad dash to get stuff done before I leave town. I have to finish some projects at work, do some chores, and run some errands. Why is it that one has to get so stressed and harried before taking time off? I had my day of beauty Sunday. I went to the hair dresser and got a cut, color, and highlights. Then off to the nail salon for pedicure, nails and manicure. The girl was kind of rough with my nails but they look beautiful, that is when the swelling went down. <g> Yesterday at work I was in meetings most of the time or discussing issues. I got nothing done except explain stuff. Gee whiz. Today I have a 9am meeting yuck I always feel so rushed when I have a meeting at the beginning of the day. Then it’s off to more meetings. I am so meeting out I could scream.  I have several books I’m taking with on VC that I can wait to read. Karen Marie Moning, The Spell of the Highlander and Angela Knight Jane’s Warlord, and Master of the Night. Of course all read by the pool or sitting on top my floatie in the pool. Going to the movies as well to catch up on some flicks I’ve been wanting to see. I’ll stop at the Barnes and Noble to peruse the bookshelves, go to my most favorite flamingo store and of course get to these places all via golf cart. Ah tis the life.


One Response to “Count Down to Vacation”

  1. Got your email yesterday. Will try to write back as soon as I can! Busy trying to get Paul ready for the Fall semester… it starts tomorrow! When is your VC?

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