Don’t mind me…

Blogging lately has been kind of difficult. For one the writing isn’t coming as quickly as I’d like and I know the reason for this. My creativity has temporarily left me. But it will come back on vacation. Several things are going on in my life that let’s say well aren’t in order. It mainly has to do with friendships and I just need to deal with some stuff and put it to rest. If it wasn’t for the close good friends in my life, and you know who you are, I’d be a mess. It’s hard to tell when the universe is telling you to move on or give it time. It’s also hard to tell when the universe is saying you need to travel alone on your own path for awhile. I know this entry doesn’t make any sense it’s just my way of writing this down, folding up the paper, and putting it away in a box to let go and let God.  I’ll be able to write much better having done that and perhaps be in a happier mental place. I think what’s worse than being disliked (and I’m not saying that what it is) is to not be included. Sorry for the downer blog but this is little bit of therapy for me so I can get this out of mind to make way for better and happier thoughts. I certainly don’t need to dwell on something I can’t change, that won’t change, and perhaps wasn’t meant to be. So far in writing this I’ve realized something, your real friends understand you, real friends love you just as you are, real friends want only your company and friendship, real friends are few and far between. The rest are people that come in and out of your life like commercials. Even though some are entertaining, they aren’t what you sat down to watch.


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