Fab Friday

So yesterday I woke up ready to go to go to the computer and blog, feeling mighty rested mind you. I sat down turned the computer on and waited. I have this little clock that pops up and it says its 7:30! Eeek. I usually get up at 5:00. Okay no time to blog, jump in the shower, no breakfast and race to work to be on time for a 9:00 meeting. I get there and several of us are in the room waiting for the person who is supposed to be leading the meeting. Waiting, waiting, waiting. They no show. Hence the reason for no hot hunk for hot hunk Thursday. Okay so no problem, I’ll just upload gorgeous Thursday guy in the evening. No such luck with the fingers of tropical storm Erin over my house and her disco light show. And truly I haven’t seen that much lightening in a long time. The power tried to go out several times but thankfully didn’t.So this week I guess you can say it’s Fabulous Friday. Enjoy.beiron_andersson013.jpg


2 Responses to “Fab Friday”

  1. I liked that phrases you used – “the fingers of tropical storm Erin” along with the “disco light show.” Great description of the weather conditions!

    Fabulous Friday hunk does his make-up better than most women!

    He looks like he would beat me up even if I didn’t ask him to… 😉

  2. Good thing I’m not a writer —> I would have gotten a rejection letter from the first sentence of my reply “I like that phrases…” DUH!!!!

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