On the writing front

Oh boy it’s hot out there. I think we hit 105 yesterday and no end in sight. Amazing how we can go from wet to dry over night it seems.  I think the house is even wilting. Funny how even the planet look tired and hot. Not too much to blog about lately as I’m deep in writing. All I can say is that goodness for the computer I could never have done this on a type writer and I have a healthy appreciate for the oldies like Hemmingway who labored away on a typewriter all day. I have no idea how he managed to get down a first draft but maybe that’s why he was so good. He didn’t have a spacebar and went with his gut. I’ve decided being a writer is a lot like being a chef making a recipe from scratch. You know what you’re making and you add this and that to taste as you go along. If you go with your gut and add ingredients to taste and you’re good at, you’ll end up with something yummy in the end. So now back to the kitchen where I’m going to through caution to the wind and hopefully cook up something really, really good. Happy Wednesday.


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