Sunday This And Thats

Yesterday myself and best good friend took Mr. B to Yappy Hour an event put on by the Dachshund Rescue society. It was held at a doggy boarding place called WUF and it was a very nice facility with private rooms for boarding and several large gathering areas for the dogs, one included a flat panel TV. Meet up with some friends there and it was Doxie pandemonium. I think Mr. B thought there was too much barking going on because he held his tail between his legs for most of the event. Then it was off to have dinner with friends and let me say this well known steakhouse we went to was rather disappointing. We then stopped on the way home and rented four movies from a new video store that just opened. Started watching The Holiday, got a fourth way through and decided the movie was not for me, week writing, no scene building. Maybe had I watched more the story would have picked up but hey who has the time? Then tried Happy Feet and cried my eyes out. Turned the movie off in the middle and just went to bed. Maybe this is natures way of telling me just go write your book you idiot. LOL so that’s what I’ll be doing for the next two weeks. I’ve entered a challenge to write 20 pages a day. I know I can’t do that so I’m committing to ten. Wish me luck and the posts will be short between now and then.


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