Make It A Good Weekend

I can’t believe I made it to Friday. This has been a very long week. Work had its ups and downs, very challenging but I think productive. Writing was on hold until I finished plotting the major points of the book, and a little IBS was thrown in just to make life fun and give me some exercise. I know TMI. I finally finished some conflict grids some major scenes that will anchor me to quickly start producing pages. I didn’t realize how much I needed to do this until I sat down the other night and spend two hours answering some character questions. Ah a light bulb moment for sure and this has shown me why it’s taken so long to get one single page written and only several on the weekends. Now armed with my road map I think I can stop making the same U turn and get on the highway and go somewhere. I know this might not make sense. But I had the whole book in my head, I just don’t know it and writing down some of the major scenes in bullet points really is the key to unlocking that information that’s up there. Tomorrow is my writer’s group meeting and a friend of mine will be guest speaking. Can’t wait to hear what she has to say. Afterwards I’m going to Yappy Hour with Mr. B and best good friend. It’s a puppy party sponsored by the Dachshund Rescue Society and we are all going to a Doggy Day Spa. More about that on Sunday. Hope your weekend is everything you expect it to be, happy, relaxing, productive if you wish but if you are off work, I hope it’s enjoyable. Oh and take time this weekend to relax with a good book.


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