Ho-hum Wed

Major activity going on at work and my new roof seems to be worse than the old one that got damaged from the rain storms. Rain came pouring into the living room yesterday. There are two buckets, yes buckets not bowls on my living room floor filled all the way to the top. They hadn’t properly sealed the sky lights so I’m waiting for a phone call from the roofing company this morning. Needless to say not much writing done all though I did get half a page done in 15 minutes before work yesterday. I was also at work until 7:30 last night and by the time I got home I was dead tired. I still plan to get some more done today on the book even though work obligations are gobbling up my time. I now have this Friday off so I plan to make up a lot of pages. This morning I’m going to treat myself and stop at Starbucks for a cranberry scone. Those delicious things have been on my mind and I need comfort food. I’ve also been craving going to the beach. Thank goodness at the end of the month I’ll be in Florida, near water…the beachy kind. <g>It’s going to be another long day at work and I need to be in early for another morning meeting so I better get going. Sorry for the short blog again but duty (the one that pays me) calls. Happy Wednesday.


One Response to “Ho-hum Wed”

  1. You guys still getting rain up there??? It finally stopped here but I was one of the few that really didn’t mind it… Sure kept the water bill down during a time when it was usually 3 figures a month!!
    Ahhh… cranberry scone…. You should NOT have mentioned that, you bad girl!! I have literally been walking my ass off at the YMCA 4 or 5 times a week & now I have this scone image in my head along with the knowledge that Bear Moon bakery down the road has cranberry scones to kill for (along with buttermilk scones, blueberry scones, apricot scones and several others)!! You’ve left me with a personal battle between Me and Myself for the next several days!!!
    Speaking of water of the beachy kind… we’re off to Rockport, Massachusetts next week for a beach wedding on Plum Island. No, not us (contrary to the hopes of our neighbors… hehe). Then on to New Hampshire to visit Paul’s mother. Here’s the place we’re staying at before going on to the wedding on the 11th:

    Hope you get your skylight leaks fixed and then get some rest so you can knock out a record number of pages on Friday!!! No scones allowed!!

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