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A Quickie From Florida

Posted in This N' That on August 31, 2007 by swizzmis

I’ve been without internet access throughout my trip until this morning when I turned on my laptop and my wi-fi picked up a signal from somewhere. I don’t know how long it’s going to last so I’m typing pretty fast. The weather is beautiful, I’m out typing on the patio otherwise known as the Florida room, it’s about 70 degrees (early morning) and the sounds of golfers and airconditioners are all I hear. It’s bliss. More to come later when I get back but needless to say it’s been a wonderful and restful vacation so far. No complaints, no stress, no worries just a lot of sunshine, pooling, eating, and writing. Ah this is heaven.

p.s. I will get back to everyone’s email when I return. DL loved the pics from NH made me jealous and the outfit was perfect you nailed it girl!


Quick Blog Today

Posted in This N' That on August 22, 2007 by swizzmis

Besides working on my manuscript, September is just around the corner, yikes, I’m working on a short story which I hope to post on my website. I’ll upload here if I can figure out how to upload the pdf file. With trying to finish up stuff at work and things around the house to do, blogging is going to be sparse until the weekend when I’m free. But don’t worry Hot Hunk Thursday will be posted. Happy hump day!

Count Down to Vacation

Posted in This N' That on August 21, 2007 by swizzmis

Stay tuned. I’m working on something to post on the blog on a regular basis. You’ll probably see it several times during the week in addition to my normal ramblings. It’s coming in a couple of weeks, I hope. <g> it’s going to be a mad dash to get stuff done before I leave town. I have to finish some projects at work, do some chores, and run some errands. Why is it that one has to get so stressed and harried before taking time off? I had my day of beauty Sunday. I went to the hair dresser and got a cut, color, and highlights. Then off to the nail salon for pedicure, nails and manicure. The girl was kind of rough with my nails but they look beautiful, that is when the swelling went down. <g> Yesterday at work I was in meetings most of the time or discussing issues. I got nothing done except explain stuff. Gee whiz. Today I have a 9am meeting yuck I always feel so rushed when I have a meeting at the beginning of the day. Then it’s off to more meetings. I am so meeting out I could scream.  I have several books I’m taking with on VC that I can wait to read. Karen Marie Moning, The Spell of the Highlander and Angela Knight Jane’s Warlord, and Master of the Night. Of course all read by the pool or sitting on top my floatie in the pool. Going to the movies as well to catch up on some flicks I’ve been wanting to see. I’ll stop at the Barnes and Noble to peruse the bookshelves, go to my most favorite flamingo store and of course get to these places all via golf cart. Ah tis the life.

Don’t mind me…

Posted in This N' That on August 19, 2007 by swizzmis

Blogging lately has been kind of difficult. For one the writing isn’t coming as quickly as I’d like and I know the reason for this. My creativity has temporarily left me. But it will come back on vacation. Several things are going on in my life that let’s say well aren’t in order. It mainly has to do with friendships and I just need to deal with some stuff and put it to rest. If it wasn’t for the close good friends in my life, and you know who you are, I’d be a mess. It’s hard to tell when the universe is telling you to move on or give it time. It’s also hard to tell when the universe is saying you need to travel alone on your own path for awhile. I know this entry doesn’t make any sense it’s just my way of writing this down, folding up the paper, and putting it away in a box to let go and let God.  I’ll be able to write much better having done that and perhaps be in a happier mental place. I think what’s worse than being disliked (and I’m not saying that what it is) is to not be included. Sorry for the downer blog but this is little bit of therapy for me so I can get this out of mind to make way for better and happier thoughts. I certainly don’t need to dwell on something I can’t change, that won’t change, and perhaps wasn’t meant to be. So far in writing this I’ve realized something, your real friends understand you, real friends love you just as you are, real friends want only your company and friendship, real friends are few and far between. The rest are people that come in and out of your life like commercials. Even though some are entertaining, they aren’t what you sat down to watch.

Fab Friday

Posted in This N' That on August 17, 2007 by swizzmis

So yesterday I woke up ready to go to go to the computer and blog, feeling mighty rested mind you. I sat down turned the computer on and waited. I have this little clock that pops up and it says its 7:30! Eeek. I usually get up at 5:00. Okay no time to blog, jump in the shower, no breakfast and race to work to be on time for a 9:00 meeting. I get there and several of us are in the room waiting for the person who is supposed to be leading the meeting. Waiting, waiting, waiting. They no show. Hence the reason for no hot hunk for hot hunk Thursday. Okay so no problem, I’ll just upload gorgeous Thursday guy in the evening. No such luck with the fingers of tropical storm Erin over my house and her disco light show. And truly I haven’t seen that much lightening in a long time. The power tried to go out several times but thankfully didn’t.So this week I guess you can say it’s Fabulous Friday. Enjoy.beiron_andersson013.jpg

On the writing front

Posted in This N' That on August 15, 2007 by swizzmis

Oh boy it’s hot out there. I think we hit 105 yesterday and no end in sight. Amazing how we can go from wet to dry over night it seems.  I think the house is even wilting. Funny how even the planet look tired and hot. Not too much to blog about lately as I’m deep in writing. All I can say is that goodness for the computer I could never have done this on a type writer and I have a healthy appreciate for the oldies like Hemmingway who labored away on a typewriter all day. I have no idea how he managed to get down a first draft but maybe that’s why he was so good. He didn’t have a spacebar and went with his gut. I’ve decided being a writer is a lot like being a chef making a recipe from scratch. You know what you’re making and you add this and that to taste as you go along. If you go with your gut and add ingredients to taste and you’re good at, you’ll end up with something yummy in the end. So now back to the kitchen where I’m going to through caution to the wind and hopefully cook up something really, really good. Happy Wednesday.

I’m Challenged

Posted in This N' That on August 13, 2007 by swizzmis

Today begins a two week writing challenge. The goal twenty pages a day. I know I can’t do that so I’ve set my own which will be ten. Wish me luck. I’ll be taking my laptop with me everywhere so if it’s a few minutes here or there, I’ll be writing on the go when not at home. I was kind of proud with a scene I wrote this weekend and when that happens I’m always energized to push on. When I have a less than productive scene it’s the exact opposite. And then sometimes I go back and re-read the stuff that I thought wasn’t as good and you know what? It turns out to be not that bad. Go figure. Happy Monday.