Quick Blog

Just a quickie this morning. I have several big meetings at work that start pretty early…at least for me. Managed to get a page done this weekend but I know I can make up pages this week. The story is starting to take on more shape and is begining to be easier to write. I put together a story board this weekend that displays pictures of my characters and it’s been a big help. I look at the bulletin board and see everyone up there and think you guys are starting to become real fictional people. <g> In the meantime here’s some more eye candy. This is Drakar.



One Response to “Quick Blog”

  1. Sandy –

    Are you going to have pictures in the book? If not, hopefully you described Drakar with alot of detail so the reader can picture someone that looks similar to the pictured hunk in the blog. If you hadn’t sent the picture I would have had some tall shadowy Darth Vader-looking figure in my mind. Makes the characters of Claire and Drak getting together more plausible.

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