…and here it is

As promised, here’s the synopsis of Heart of the Phoenix

When Claire Dalton took an IT job for a secretive info tech company, she never expected to be working on a computer from outer space. After all she doesn’t believe in Big Foot, the Lochness monster or little green men from Mars. So when the company is contracted by the United States government to decode the inner workings of a computer onboard an odd looking aircraft, she assumes it’s a new type of enemy spy plane. But once inside she quickly changes her mind when she’s taken hostage by a very tall muscular man with fangs. Demanding in a strange language she get him out of the highly guarded building she wonders how it is that she can understand him? And her image of little green men… well that’s been altered forever.Once upon a time, Drakar Andronicus was a great Warlord of the Draconian empire. But that was before his powerful mother urged him to become an Elective. Now instead of defending his planet in battle he sits through council sessions negotiating peace for the United Federation of Planets. If adapting to this new way of life wasn’t hard enough, his skills as a negotiator are put to the test when Draconia’s sworn enemy breaks a peace agreement flying a battle cruiser into Draconian territory. But when all attempts to communicate with the battleship fail, and a misfire from a nearby Draconian battle cruiser, a chase ensues sending the enemy ship crashing to Earth. As Drakar investigates what’s left of the ships things go from bad to worse as he finds himself surrounded by the U.S. military and uncovers a sinister secret that could destroy the Draconian empire. But nothing could prepare him for what comes next, encountering a red headed beauty that takes his breath way when he hears the beating of her heart. . .a sign of a soul mate.


3 Responses to “…and here it is”

  1. Sandy –

    I have to admit… I’m very intrigued with this story!! When you first mentioned a futuristic love story I was somewhat skeptical about what it was that was going to cause me to want to want to read the book (… but I would have anyway because you’re my pal). After reading your synopsis, the plot is truly quite interesting (!!) and I’m ready to find out where this journey will lead for both Claire and Drac (and now I’m even trying to tie in the southwest Indian subplot that you mentioned in the last post!!) Don’t forget to put in some hot, sweaty monkey sex (I mean human/Elective sex) to keep the heart beating of us lecherous old ladies in your audience!!

  2. Oh hello . . . this is a nice looking dude–great way to wake up!

    I am so far behind in blogland–how is the story coming along? Good?

    Glad one of us is being productive.

    Have a good day!

  3. and DOH!, I meant to dude on the next post–need more coffee!

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