It’s Saturday

Yesterday was an all around wonderful day. I did a little more editing, finished up cleaning the sunroom from the mess I made assembling the offices chairs and desk. I unfortunately took way too much time researching New Mexico on the computer. In particular the Pueblo Indians of the Central region. They play an important part in the book and as I was writing realized I knew nothing about them. But the more I learn the more fascinated I’ve become with Native American culture and history. The Pueblos are the oldest living Native Americans and direct ancestors of the Anasazi. If you watch the history and national geographic channel like me (grin) you’ll know the Anasazi cliff dwellings are over 11,000 years old. So these natives have a lot of history behind them. Parts of the story also take place on a Reservation and it took me a couple of hours to research and decide the best one for the book. The grand winner…Jemez Pueblo in the red rocks region and at the beginning of the Jemez Mountain Trail.  I’ve told best good friend and travel buddy I need a trip to New Mexico. She promptly replied not during the summer. Okay fall then. I think she growled but I’ll take that as a yes. She made another strange noise when I further explained that I wanted to visit the reservation to see the great Corn dance. Dinner with my neighbor was wonderful and she paid as a thank you for help digging a trench for a French drain. We went to Saviano’s, my most favorite Italian restaurant. We stayed there gabbing about the neighbor hood and she told me a lot about her family even sharing some memories of her late husband. She also has a friend who is a romance writer with several published books under her belt! Small world. Of course the meal was awesome. I had the Pasta Italiano which consisted of shrimp, penne pasta, sundried tomatoes, garlic cream sauce, and Cheyenne pepper. In the past I always ordered the lasagna but ever since the owner’s son returned from a stint on Hell’s Kitchen this has been my new fave. Tomorrow I’ll be posting the synopsis for your viewing pleasure. Other than that happy Saturday!


One Response to “It’s Saturday”

  1. Sandy –

    Do you have several books going at one time? For some reason I was thinking the one you were writing had something to do with futuristic robots or ….?

    The trip to find out about the Indians sounds like it would be fascinating! I have to agree with Lore though… They are having some INSANE heat over there in the southwest!! Would be interested in finding out more about that tribe!

    Wish I had known about the Saviano’s chef being on that Hell’s Kitchen program. I would have made a point to watch it! Always LOVED that place when I lived in the area!! No place around here compares to it!!!


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