If It’s Friday I Must Be Babbling

Yesterday I did some editing on the first three chapters of my book now tentative entitled Heart of the Phoenix. Then of course had to go to the day job. Once again there was meeting after meeting with some soap opera drama mixed in. Needless to say when I got home my brain cells were fried and stick-a-fork-in-it done. Finally finished putting together the office desk so I feel at least in that area I have conquered and won. Somebody out there likes hunk Thursdays I think a little too much. Grin. I like hunk Thursday too. In fact so much that some of those hunks are on a bulletin board by my desk to inspire me as I write. I have the day off work so I plan to catch up with new pages. If I just let myself go – – have an out of body experience, they will get written. On my days off I usually write for four hours and can manage anywhere from five to ten pages even with hitting the delete key all the time. Neighbor across the street is taking me out to dinner for helping her dig that trench during our rainy season that lasted for over 40 days. Her husband recently passed away after a short but serious illness. I see her more now then when she was married. In fact I’ve met more of my neighbors this year than in the past 17 years I’ve been living here. I guess it’s true that tough times bring us all together. The opposite side of the street is where all the flooding happened and everyone on that side was affected in some way. The hail storm earlier this year also caused everyone to visit with each other while assessing the damages to our roofs. So in a matter of a couple of months I know everyone’s business. Funny how in life we are so busy that we don’t notice or interact with the people we live with. Our neighbors are really the people we live with right? We might not live under the same roof but we do live on the same street, we watch out for each other and if a stranger comes into our inner circle you bet it’s going to be checked out. But I guess I’m chattering a way…better get busy!


One Response to “If It’s Friday I Must Be Babbling”

  1. Sandy – I really get a kick out of your blog entries!! Hope you keep adding updates!

    So glad that you’re finally getting to know your neighbors! I know that I never really had the opportunity when I was working to do that over on Love Wood in Arlington so I am especially thankful that I have such a great bond with all of them here. Sometimes we feel like we’re close enough to be inbred… haha!!! Where did you go for dinner with the Trench Neighbor Pal?

    Regards from your cradle-robbing, lecherous, dirty-old-lady friend 😉

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