Hump Day

I got home at 7PM last night, had dinner then proceeded to put together a couple of office chairs. Several hours later, long story about connect the back of the chair to the bottom of the chair, my hands were cramping and my back was sore and I passed out in bed. I brought my thumb drive to work yesterday intending to get a page done. There was no time for lunch, or to go to the bathroom so all I can say about yesterday was I edited 10 pages before work. At least it’s something. This is a very challenging process, I’m finding. I’ve let myself sleep in an hour longer everyday hoping it will help my energy level at work and it has. I can see that I’m not getting enough sleep at night and the breath right strips actually work! Other than being sore this morning, I feel pretty good.Tonight I have a desk to build. That is going to be fun. The dog will hide, I will curse, I will read man instructions but I will prevail! Then I will play catch up this weekend where the pages are concerned. I have to, this is my second job. Only there’s no paycheck yet. Happy Wednesday!


One Response to “Hump Day”

  1. Of course you will prevail… YOU ARE SUPER SANDY!!!

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