I’m So Sore


8 more pages done. Well really I wrote only one but I’m counting the eight that are being edited that I previously wrote. This weekend was very productive. Including all the errands I ran and the housework, I took apart a desk last night that was a major undertaking. After two hours of sweating and using brute strength with a hammer and screwdriver, the bloody thing was disassembled to take to the curb for trash day. I was unable to unscrew the nuts and bolts holding the desk together so with help from best good friend, I used a screwdriver and hammer to wedge the thing apart. I’m sore this morning. But a funny smell was coming from the sunroom and I found the desk to be rotting from water that I guess had gotten in during the rains. Part of the leg had crumbled, the fiberboard was so badly damaged and I was right, it was the source of the smell. It was a huge desk too. I went online to get a picture to show you what I was dealing with. I couldn’t find the exact one but the one above is pretty similar. I came out of the whole ordeal with only minor injuries.


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