Sunday Babble

I don’t have any pages to post today because I took a day from writing. For one I’ve needed some down time and I’ve found that stepping away from a project for a day or two let’s my mind work out the some of the kinks in my story. Best good friend I ran errands from early morning to early afternoon yesterday. I went to the post office to mail soldier packages. Then I headed off to a special appliance store which is the only place that seems to carry the filters for my air conditioner. Then it was the dreaded weekly visit to Wal-Mart and finally I dropped my car off at the dealership to have routine maintenance. Once back home, I finished the house cleaning that I started the night before, managed to have some free time to read, the got all comfy on the couch and took a cat nap. Afterwards a couple of friends came over for diner and we all visited for a while. It was just an all around pleasant Saturday. Today my goal is to write about 10 pages or more if my mind will let me since pretty much all my to-do list is all checked off. It’s a good feeling to be sure. Happy Sunday.


One Response to “Sunday Babble”

  1. “Afterwards a couple of friends came over for dinner and we all visited for a while.”

    So, what are Cherie and Janis up to these days? I don’t ever hear from either!

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