This And That

I took my laptop to work yesterday and on lunch went outside, sat at a picnic table and managed to produce one page. All in under 30 minutes. I think I would have produced more had it not been for the little spider that decided to come down from the umbrella to see what I was writing then promptly fell into my keyboard. He stayed there for about a minute or two, his little legs hugged the O key while inspecting what was inside my computer, before moving on. Weird.

Of course everyone was going to lunch or coming out to smoke and I had to shoo some people away. Heeeee. They thought I was working on work related stuff. Little do they know. But yesterday was a good test to see if I could write on the fly and I pasted. And DL the muse is that little creative fairy who pays writers a visit with either a good wand or bad wand. Depending on her mood you will have the creative force or not. Lately she’s been a little skimpy on the wand action.

I think I haven’t been sleeping well and that’s why I’ve been tired so last night I tried a Breath Right strip over my nose, took a Tylenol PM and fell into a pretty good coma. Woke up without feeling tired. Um I wonder if I have a sleep disorder? I’m going to try this process for the next few nights to see if there is a pattern of improvement and if so may adopt a permanent habit of going to bed looking like a bruised hockey player. It’s Friday, the doorway to the weekend and I couldn’t be happier to get a break from all this meeting business. I have another round of all day meetings today which just kills the brain cells of any creative energy afterwards so I better get on with writing this morning.


One Response to “This And That”

  1. Sandy……..


    So the wand action has been about as scarce as the Aflac duck in a disco?

    OK…. Hhhhhmmmmm…. Your muse is now smiling down on your efforts (:-D) and applauding you – clap,clap,clap – for a 1-page JOB WELL DONE in less than ideal circumstances (nosy co-workers, a typhoon, and ignoring the curious scrutiny of a brown recluse spider).

    As far as the NOT SLEEPING WELL LATELY situation… I have a theory about the that & it starts with “M”. Welcome to the dark side of the back side of 40 my friend.


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