Sunday Status Report

Two more pages under my belt. I was hoping for more but the brain wasn’t cooperating yesterday. My internal editor kept stopping by saying “No good”, and I was unable to turn it off. Oh well today is a new day. On the bright side got a few things done on my list of To Dos so all in all it was a good day. Got a set of new sheets and last night I slept in pure comfyness. The beautiful sunny weather has been calling me to do a few things outside but for now I’ll have to enjoy it looking out my office window. At the rate I’m going with this book, it will Sept 08 before I get a first draft completed. Even with all the errands I need to run and do today, grocery shopping, hair cut and pedicure, the computer isn’t going to be turned off until I get a substantial amount of pages done. I also need to get the solider boxes taped up and off to the post office and gas in my car.  In some other news the writer’s organization that I belong to has recently changed its policy towards recognizing published authors. Once you are published, if recognized by the chapter there are more doors and networking opportunities available. It looks like with the changes they made a substantial amount of previously recognized authors will no longer have their published status within the organization. It’s too complicated a story to post but they changes hold both good and bad for the organization and I hope the turmoil is short lived. Unfortunately it affects a couple of my friends and fellow local chapter members. I guess in the big picture it doesn’t matter when you’re published, you’re published. I just know they have really benefited from extra opportunities as being recognized from the organization. Once they earn a certain amount in advances they’ll be back in and that shouldn’t be too far off for them. I just wish the organization would grandfather those who will be affected. Well that’s enough chit-chat for now. I have to go write. Happy Sunday.


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