It’s The Weekend

Yeah I got a page done yesterday. It’s still slow going but the best part was I had fun writing it. The sad part was as I was really getting into the scene (I call it being in the zone) it was time to leave for work…grrrr. I hope I can make up a lot of ground this weekend. Even though I’m not yet meeting my goal, I’ve got something written which is better than nothing so I’m going to stay positive.

Today’s festivities which of course include writing will be lunch with some friends, a trip to Office Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond. Good friend needs a new office chair and I need new bed sheets. I’m very particular about my sheets, 300 count Egyptian cotton. I figure I’m in it 6-8 hours a night it might as well be as comfy as possible. Yesterday went to visit my other buddy in the hospital who is going through round 2 of chemo treatments. He looks great and is upbeat even though I think he’s self-conscious that he has no hair. I keep telling him bald is in and it really does look good on him. He’s still eating with the appetite of a horse which is good.

Yesterday’s news also included a kudos email from my VP for something new we implemented on short notice. That was a highlight of my day because everybody was copied in. Being recognized goes a long way in my book. So yesterday was a win-win all around and will go down in my thoughts as a good day indeed! Happy Saturday.


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