When The Going Gets Tough

Nobody said this would be easy. I got one page done yesterday and that’s it. So I’m going to have to make it up this weekend. There is no excuse even though work has been more demanding than usual and eaten into my writing time. I need to put this in perspective; this is just an obstacle that needs to be overcome. I’m going to try and write at night to make up the difference but it will not be easy since I’m very tired after I get home. It’s not that I even watch TV. I sit in the lazyboy and stare blankly into space to unwind. I’ll need to do some work from home this weekend to finish some projects that have deadlines. I’ve been in meetings all week from morning to evening with no time to do the day to day stuff.  Was supposed to take the car in for a tune up but that will have to wait. Arrgh the list goes on and on.


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