A Little Under The Weather But Still Here

Talk about a rough weekend. Friday night I didn’t feel so good. It escalated into full blown sickness and felt like I was at death’s door. I don’t know what it was but I did make a smoothie, trying to eat right, that I thought was nutritious which included milk, yogurt, and orange juice, and frozen fruit. I think that in itself was a deadly concoction. I think I should have left out the orange juice, which really wasn’t orange juice but some fruit cocktail thingy. I’ve heard of all these cleansing diets that make you drink water with lemon and Tabasco sauce and over a period of days you cleanse everything out of you. Well I’m here to tell you if you want to get it over with quick, try my smoothie of death of recipe. Now you won’t be able to leave the bathroom for I’d say around 8 hours but it’s sure better than not feeling well for days, even though during the process you’ll wish for death. After a nights worth of torture I can tell you I’m thoroughly cleansed and almost ten pounds lighter. I know TMI? As of this morning I’m feeling better, enough so that I can write in this blog. Today I’m still on liquids with the occasional cracker but that’s still better than where I was Friday night. Now on to better news. The sun is shining, which I missed yesterday because I was sleeping all day long. But it’s still sunny as of this morning. It’s so good to see the sun. Since May we’ve had 46 days of rain. I think it’s because we were successful in putting in the French drains at my neighbor’s house that the rain has temporarily ceased. They are predicting more by the end of the week but I feel in my bones that floods are over with. The good news is the front that was hanging over Texas for a month has now shifted east which means Florida is about to get a nice rainy present. They are in a horrible drought complete with forest fires all around. My insurance adjuster comes next week to let me know what they’ll pay for my roof, this is from the April hail storms. Goes to show you who far behind everyone is. So it will be good to finally get the ball rolling on getting my new roof. Well that’s about it for now. I’m staying out of the kitchen for a bit and getting as much rest as I can because it’s back to work tomorrow.


One Response to “A Little Under The Weather But Still Here”

  1. I’m not delighting in your misery but I was rolling on the floor with the “Smoothie of Death” description!!!!

    Losing 10# in 12 hours sounds to me like a lightening-quick, bonified, and sure-fire way to your Claim to Fame… Mix up a batch of that shit, turn it into pills & call it Sandy’s Dandy Weight Loss Candy.


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