Catching Up

The past several weeks have been challenging to say the least. My friend made it through his first round of chemo treatments with flying colors, and as of yesterday he sounded like his old self, funny and positive. The rain has not let up and there was so much flooding that our area was on the news! As long as I’ve lived in Texas I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much water. But there’s always a bright side, no hundred degree days yet. I smite you Mr. Electric Company, take that. The 4th of July was spent helping my neighbor dig a trench from the side of her house to the curb where her sons and son-in-laws where laying pipe to put in a French drain. Her back yard gets flooded everyday and the water is starting to seep into her sunroom. It was a big sense of accomplishment after a couple hours of digging, like we were working in a chain gang, when we reached the curb. Of course we high-fived each other then almost passed out.

Progress on my futuristic romance is coming along slowly. I wake up every morning and get a page or so done. I’m gradually picking up speed as I go but not nearly enough to get a first draft completed by the end of August. I have the beginning and end plotted but I will need to work on the middle some. Of course we writers are always endanger of having our characters get their own ideas and take the story in a different direction then what  we had set forth. It’s hard to explain but during the writing process I have a plan for characters A and B to do one thing which sometimes just doesn’t work out. They stick their heels in the ground with arms crossed looking at me like “You really can’t be serious?” They the story takes another direction and I have to re-plot. Oh well.

The upcoming weekend for me is pretty much open which means I’ll have a lot of writing time in between regular chores like grocery shopping and housework. Everyone I’ve talked to has been taking the occasional power nap because the weather is just gray around here so I’m sure that will be in order for the weekend as well. I’m out of money so shopping is out of the question but I can always window shop right? Well that’s about it from soggy rain swept Texas. Have a good weekend everyone.


One Response to “Catching Up”

  1. Sandy –

    As always I like hearing about you and what you’re up to!!

    Digging a trench…? Now THAT’S a side to you I’ve never seen before!!! Sounds like quite the accomplishment though!!!

    Show those characters who’s the boss! Make them do what you planned for them to do! Don’t forget that you can always write a sequel!! This seems to work out pretty well for both books and movies these days.



    PS/ I will be saying prayers for your friend. Is he a co-worker with you at AA?

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