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Eeek! I woke up way late this morning so blog entry will have to wait until tonight. Sorry. Felt like I was coming out of a coma this morning and slept through alarm. I kept hitting it and hitting it until it didn’t bother going off anymore. Figures I’m probably the only person with an alarm clock with an attitude.



Quick Blog

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Just a quickie this morning. I have several big meetings at work that start pretty early…at least for me. Managed to get a page done this weekend but I know I can make up pages this week. The story is starting to take on more shape and is begining to be easier to write. I put together a story board this weekend that displays pictures of my characters and it’s been a big help. I look at the bulletin board and see everyone up there and think you guys are starting to become real fictional people. <g> In the meantime here’s some more eye candy. This is Drakar.


…and here it is

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As promised, here’s the synopsis of Heart of the Phoenix

When Claire Dalton took an IT job for a secretive info tech company, she never expected to be working on a computer from outer space. After all she doesn’t believe in Big Foot, the Lochness monster or little green men from Mars. So when the company is contracted by the United States government to decode the inner workings of a computer onboard an odd looking aircraft, she assumes it’s a new type of enemy spy plane. But once inside she quickly changes her mind when she’s taken hostage by a very tall muscular man with fangs. Demanding in a strange language she get him out of the highly guarded building she wonders how it is that she can understand him? And her image of little green men… well that’s been altered forever.Once upon a time, Drakar Andronicus was a great Warlord of the Draconian empire. But that was before his powerful mother urged him to become an Elective. Now instead of defending his planet in battle he sits through council sessions negotiating peace for the United Federation of Planets. If adapting to this new way of life wasn’t hard enough, his skills as a negotiator are put to the test when Draconia’s sworn enemy breaks a peace agreement flying a battle cruiser into Draconian territory. But when all attempts to communicate with the battleship fail, and a misfire from a nearby Draconian battle cruiser, a chase ensues sending the enemy ship crashing to Earth. As Drakar investigates what’s left of the ships things go from bad to worse as he finds himself surrounded by the U.S. military and uncovers a sinister secret that could destroy the Draconian empire. But nothing could prepare him for what comes next, encountering a red headed beauty that takes his breath way when he hears the beating of her heart. . .a sign of a soul mate.

It’s Saturday

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Yesterday was an all around wonderful day. I did a little more editing, finished up cleaning the sunroom from the mess I made assembling the offices chairs and desk. I unfortunately took way too much time researching New Mexico on the computer. In particular the Pueblo Indians of the Central region. They play an important part in the book and as I was writing realized I knew nothing about them. But the more I learn the more fascinated I’ve become with Native American culture and history. The Pueblos are the oldest living Native Americans and direct ancestors of the Anasazi. If you watch the history and national geographic channel like me (grin) you’ll know the Anasazi cliff dwellings are over 11,000 years old. So these natives have a lot of history behind them. Parts of the story also take place on a Reservation and it took me a couple of hours to research and decide the best one for the book. The grand winner…Jemez Pueblo in the red rocks region and at the beginning of the Jemez Mountain Trail.  I’ve told best good friend and travel buddy I need a trip to New Mexico. She promptly replied not during the summer. Okay fall then. I think she growled but I’ll take that as a yes. She made another strange noise when I further explained that I wanted to visit the reservation to see the great Corn dance. Dinner with my neighbor was wonderful and she paid as a thank you for help digging a trench for a French drain. We went to Saviano’s, my most favorite Italian restaurant. We stayed there gabbing about the neighbor hood and she told me a lot about her family even sharing some memories of her late husband. She also has a friend who is a romance writer with several published books under her belt! Small world. Of course the meal was awesome. I had the Pasta Italiano which consisted of shrimp, penne pasta, sundried tomatoes, garlic cream sauce, and Cheyenne pepper. In the past I always ordered the lasagna but ever since the owner’s son returned from a stint on Hell’s Kitchen this has been my new fave. Tomorrow I’ll be posting the synopsis for your viewing pleasure. Other than that happy Saturday!

If It’s Friday I Must Be Babbling

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Yesterday I did some editing on the first three chapters of my book now tentative entitled Heart of the Phoenix. Then of course had to go to the day job. Once again there was meeting after meeting with some soap opera drama mixed in. Needless to say when I got home my brain cells were fried and stick-a-fork-in-it done. Finally finished putting together the office desk so I feel at least in that area I have conquered and won. Somebody out there likes hunk Thursdays I think a little too much. Grin. I like hunk Thursday too. In fact so much that some of those hunks are on a bulletin board by my desk to inspire me as I write. I have the day off work so I plan to catch up with new pages. If I just let myself go – – have an out of body experience, they will get written. On my days off I usually write for four hours and can manage anywhere from five to ten pages even with hitting the delete key all the time. Neighbor across the street is taking me out to dinner for helping her dig that trench during our rainy season that lasted for over 40 days. Her husband recently passed away after a short but serious illness. I see her more now then when she was married. In fact I’ve met more of my neighbors this year than in the past 17 years I’ve been living here. I guess it’s true that tough times bring us all together. The opposite side of the street is where all the flooding happened and everyone on that side was affected in some way. The hail storm earlier this year also caused everyone to visit with each other while assessing the damages to our roofs. So in a matter of a couple of months I know everyone’s business. Funny how in life we are so busy that we don’t notice or interact with the people we live with. Our neighbors are really the people we live with right? We might not live under the same roof but we do live on the same street, we watch out for each other and if a stranger comes into our inner circle you bet it’s going to be checked out. But I guess I’m chattering a way…better get busy!

Hot Hunk Thursday

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Here’s some eye candy for today. Short blog have to go write!

Hump Day

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I got home at 7PM last night, had dinner then proceeded to put together a couple of office chairs. Several hours later, long story about connect the back of the chair to the bottom of the chair, my hands were cramping and my back was sore and I passed out in bed. I brought my thumb drive to work yesterday intending to get a page done. There was no time for lunch, or to go to the bathroom so all I can say about yesterday was I edited 10 pages before work. At least it’s something. This is a very challenging process, I’m finding. I’ve let myself sleep in an hour longer everyday hoping it will help my energy level at work and it has. I can see that I’m not getting enough sleep at night and the breath right strips actually work! Other than being sore this morning, I feel pretty good.Tonight I have a desk to build. That is going to be fun. The dog will hide, I will curse, I will read man instructions but I will prevail! Then I will play catch up this weekend where the pages are concerned. I have to, this is my second job. Only there’s no paycheck yet. Happy Wednesday!