Made It To Friday

Fellow Authors    

The other day I had to leave work early because of this darn sinus infection. I’m still not feeling as well as I think I should by now and lose all my energy after the lunch time. I called the doctor’s office to ask what else I could do and of all things they suggested I take some over the counter allergy medicine and to go to an ENT specialist. Whoopee. Added minutes to my track phone but they still haven’t shown up yet so I think I’m going to have to make a call. Yuck. I’m crossing my fingers that my ears clear up enough so I can fly this weekend otherwise it’s going to be pretty painful.  

My friend’s book is out in print today so congrats Michelle on seeing your book in paper. Her follow up book is do out later this year and yes yours truly has helped plot the book. She’s got a hot cover on both of them but I like book II the best.


I wrote the above a couple of days ago but forgot to publish it. Since then I have started feeling better but still going to bed pretty early. The good news is I’ve been sleeping all the way through the night. I still don’t have the minutes posted on my track phone and when I called for support I was basically told I was trying to scam them because they were showing the minutes posted. I’ll take a deep breath and call them back today. Hopefully it was just a rude agent who just didn’t have time for her job and not representative of the company.Getting ready to head out of town for a while so I’m looking forward to that but not giving Mr. B over to the vet to be boarded. I think it would be too hard on my folks having a little dachshund running around, even though he just mostly sits at my side.  Since I’ll be off work for a while I plan to crank out mega pages on the story I’m working on! Happy Friday all!


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  1. Any chance you grew up in Whittier, CA?

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