A Blank Screen

I really hate it when I get stuck in a story. I’ll be writing along just fine, forty pages, fifty pages, and then wham – – brick wall. I know the reason for this. I haven’t plotted enough of the story to keep going or dug deep enough to find the main characters motivation. The thing is, I used to be so good at plotting and making character charts and outlines. But the problem with this method was when I finished with all that preparation, so was the story and my inspiration to write it. So now I’m trying a combination of pantsing (writer’s speak for writing by the seat of your pants) and plotting. This actually is working pretty well because it allows me to at least chart a course without fizzling out but when I get stuck. The downside is I get stuck. I think what I’ll do is just move on to a different scene and then hopefully I can stitch it all together during the revision process. So I’m off to stare at a blank screen for a little and with any luck, hopefully some little black letters will appear if I stare long enough. Happy Tuesday everyone!


One Response to “A Blank Screen”

  1. No wonder I’ve never tried any serious writing… There is truly an art and science to it!! Plots!! Character charts!! Outlines! Seat-flying!! Revisions!!


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