Just One More Day Off

I cheated and took another vacation day Wednesday. There were no meetings scheduled on my work calendar so I took that as a sign that I was suppose to enjoy a ME day. Ran a few errands which included a trip to the Library where I checked out Window Vista for Dummies. I had gone to the bookstore to purchase it when I noticed the price and thought to myself do I really need this? All I’m going to do is read it, get use to the new operating system, and then it will collect dust. I looked online at the library website and sure enough they carried the book and it was available. Saved some $$$ there, score! Then I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to visit Big Lots. No I didn’t need anything but it’s always fun to go in that store and look around. Besides I was looking for thumb tacks for my bulletin board in my office. I went to the office supply section and no thumb tacks. But when I browsed by the $1 shelf there was a package of thumb tacks sitting in between some cat food a jewelry. Go figure. As I headed to the register I saw that bamboo beach mats were on sale, a $1 a piece. They were lined with light blue trim, the same color as my office. Another score and I left after spending a whopping $3. They look great on the wall too. I left them rolled up and stacked them on top of each other. I have a beachy Florida theme going.  So I’m putzn’ around the house and finally get to my email. There’s something screwy with my mail server. I started getting email from months ago that was never delivered to my inbox, one was from a good friend and now I feel awful for not responding. I’ll have to call the cable company and ask them what’s up. Good news is I got a note from my soldier guy! He got the packages I sent and of course works like hell to keep us safe. CR you be safe out there. Next order of business is to read a friend’s synopsis of her current work in progress that is due to be published later this year. I’ve been helping her re-plot the story and let me just say this is going to be a killer book!  Well that’s about if from here, except for my good friend down south, who is experiencing Flamingo problems again. More to follow.


One Response to “Just One More Day Off”

  1. Loved the blog as usual…

    No Flamingo problems here. Just computer problems. I wrote that Flamingo email a year ago and thought I programmed the computer to send it out on a certain day and time. Well… it did! It sent it out alright but it was a year AFTER when it was supposed to go. So all that is Old News. I always wondered why nobody responded to that email a year ago!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

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