Time For Some R/R

I was headed off to Florida as of Thursday. I was supposed to arrive at my parent’s house at a respectable hour, around 6pm but instead didn’t get in until almost 9pm. First the plane was late arriving from the storms the previous evening. Then more storms came our way and on the runway we had to switch take- off direction. When all was said and done we ended up being something like #25 for take off. Oh well had my iPod and things were good. Well all accept for the cute guy in a $500 suit sitting next time me who thought he might have a shot in first class. He was very nice even though I knew he was uncomfortable as anything sitting in a middle seat on a delayed flight, without any room to take off his jacket. Poor guy. We finally arrived in Florida after a 30 minutes delay on the runway and cutie even went ahead of me to block the other passenger so I could get out. I missed my shuttle so I had to wait a couple of hours for the next one but still no worries on my end. Had my computer and the airport had free Wi-Fi so I was in business and cleaned up some of my work email. I really couldn’t do any writing with all the screaming kids and vacationer mayhem as I was sitting across from the car rental counters. After getting on the shuttle the driver asked if we could swing back by terminal B as some who also needed to take the shuttle had arrived late. We all said sure and ten minutes later we were at terminal B and no passenger. The driver said a woman was waiting for her luggage in Terminal A and now had her bags so he asked if we could go back and pick her up. We said yes and ten minutes later were back to where I started. I was feeling I wasn’t getting very far in my journey. The woman didn’t have her luggage and told us she was hoping to have had it by now but for us to go on. So we did and finally saw my destination about a quarter to nine. Oh well so much for watching Survivor with Dad but got home just in time to see who got voted off. No surprise there.So this is my second day of chillin’ and I couldn’t be happier. I miss my friends, miss my writer’s group brunch today but I’m happy to be relaxing and taking it easy, temporarily without worries. The only problem is I can receive email from here but I can’t send any so I’ll have to reply when I get back in a couple of days.  Happy weekend!


One Response to “Time For Some R/R”

  1. I kept expecting the cute guy with the $500 suit to re-appear towards the end of the story… like maybe at the car rental place!

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