Stormy Weather

So a big, big storm rolled through here last night. I was racing home after my good best friend called me at work to tell me to hurry home or I was going to be stuck. I decided to take the side streets because the freeway would have been just too frustrating. Along the way a veil of darkness covered the south sky and it was rolling towards me. I haven’t seen Mother Nature look that mean and ugly in a while. As I’m driving I’m noticing other drivers just going the speed limit and I’m thinking to myself, “come on people, can you put the pedal to the metal a little bit here?” I zigzag in and out of traffic while keeping an eye on the south horizon. The darkness is now tinged with green and flashes of light are peeking through the blackness. Now beads of sweat are forming on my head and I suck in a deep breath of air when I’m stopped by a red light. Sitting in my car drumming my fingers on the steering wheel I wonder if I can make it home in time. Of course when it turns green the smuck who’s at the head of the line takes way too long to get his happy ass in gear. I zigzag again. Weaving in and out of traffic I go no faster than what is safe, but definitely over the speed limit. Now I don’t even need to look southward as the flashes of lighting catch the corner of my eye. Now the sky looks actually moldy and I can feel the pressure drop but I’m turning the corner now on my street and swiftly pull into the garage. The full fury of nature unleashes. I can’t see the house across the street, the winds take hold of the planets and trees and shake them down to their roots. The lighting and thunder seem to scold me for not leaving work earlier and rattle the house. Then a big gust of wind shakes us one more time and it’s over. The news reported we went through a mini hurricane as some towns experienced winds blowing over 100 miles an hour. Whew! I was sure glad to be home.


One Response to “Stormy Weather”

  1. WOW!!! What a story!!! I could feel, see, and hear everything you were describing!!! You’re turning into quite the writer!

    I was keeping my eye on the weather channel yesterday for the same kind of beating that you got up there in DFW. We got the very tail end of what you had but nothing like what you described. Glad you got home safe and had no damage!!

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