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Made It To Friday

Posted in This N' That on May 18, 2007 by swizzmis

Fellow Authors    

The other day I had to leave work early because of this darn sinus infection. I’m still not feeling as well as I think I should by now and lose all my energy after the lunch time. I called the doctor’s office to ask what else I could do and of all things they suggested I take some over the counter allergy medicine and to go to an ENT specialist. Whoopee. Added minutes to my track phone but they still haven’t shown up yet so I think I’m going to have to make a call. Yuck. I’m crossing my fingers that my ears clear up enough so I can fly this weekend otherwise it’s going to be pretty painful.  

My friend’s book is out in print today so congrats Michelle on seeing your book in paper. Her follow up book is do out later this year and yes yours truly has helped plot the book. She’s got a hot cover on both of them but I like book II the best.


I wrote the above a couple of days ago but forgot to publish it. Since then I have started feeling better but still going to bed pretty early. The good news is I’ve been sleeping all the way through the night. I still don’t have the minutes posted on my track phone and when I called for support I was basically told I was trying to scam them because they were showing the minutes posted. I’ll take a deep breath and call them back today. Hopefully it was just a rude agent who just didn’t have time for her job and not representative of the company.Getting ready to head out of town for a while so I’m looking forward to that but not giving Mr. B over to the vet to be boarded. I think it would be too hard on my folks having a little dachshund running around, even though he just mostly sits at my side.  Since I’ll be off work for a while I plan to crank out mega pages on the story I’m working on! Happy Friday all!


A Blank Screen

Posted in This N' That on May 15, 2007 by swizzmis

I really hate it when I get stuck in a story. I’ll be writing along just fine, forty pages, fifty pages, and then wham – – brick wall. I know the reason for this. I haven’t plotted enough of the story to keep going or dug deep enough to find the main characters motivation. The thing is, I used to be so good at plotting and making character charts and outlines. But the problem with this method was when I finished with all that preparation, so was the story and my inspiration to write it. So now I’m trying a combination of pantsing (writer’s speak for writing by the seat of your pants) and plotting. This actually is working pretty well because it allows me to at least chart a course without fizzling out but when I get stuck. The downside is I get stuck. I think what I’ll do is just move on to a different scene and then hopefully I can stitch it all together during the revision process. So I’m off to stare at a blank screen for a little and with any luck, hopefully some little black letters will appear if I stare long enough. Happy Tuesday everyone!

Of Course…

Posted in This N' That on May 12, 2007 by swizzmis

Well it’s official now. I have a sinus infection. Saw the doc yesterday and I’m sick. Got a shot to help the speed up recovery because I’m going out of town soon and will be flying. Yesterday I crashed when I got home and slept for three hours. Today I feel somewhat better, maybe due to the major horse pills I’m taking. So I’m going to take it easy today and plug a way at one of my manuscripts, check email and finish some correspondence. No housework, no errands. I’m just going to be hermit. The sad thing is the weather is beautiful. No storm drama, just blue skies, a couple puffy white clouds and 70 degree weather, and did I say I’m sick?

Just One More Day Off

Posted in This N' That on May 11, 2007 by swizzmis

I cheated and took another vacation day Wednesday. There were no meetings scheduled on my work calendar so I took that as a sign that I was suppose to enjoy a ME day. Ran a few errands which included a trip to the Library where I checked out Window Vista for Dummies. I had gone to the bookstore to purchase it when I noticed the price and thought to myself do I really need this? All I’m going to do is read it, get use to the new operating system, and then it will collect dust. I looked online at the library website and sure enough they carried the book and it was available. Saved some $$$ there, score! Then I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to visit Big Lots. No I didn’t need anything but it’s always fun to go in that store and look around. Besides I was looking for thumb tacks for my bulletin board in my office. I went to the office supply section and no thumb tacks. But when I browsed by the $1 shelf there was a package of thumb tacks sitting in between some cat food a jewelry. Go figure. As I headed to the register I saw that bamboo beach mats were on sale, a $1 a piece. They were lined with light blue trim, the same color as my office. Another score and I left after spending a whopping $3. They look great on the wall too. I left them rolled up and stacked them on top of each other. I have a beachy Florida theme going.  So I’m putzn’ around the house and finally get to my email. There’s something screwy with my mail server. I started getting email from months ago that was never delivered to my inbox, one was from a good friend and now I feel awful for not responding. I’ll have to call the cable company and ask them what’s up. Good news is I got a note from my soldier guy! He got the packages I sent and of course works like hell to keep us safe. CR you be safe out there. Next order of business is to read a friend’s synopsis of her current work in progress that is due to be published later this year. I’ve been helping her re-plot the story and let me just say this is going to be a killer book!  Well that’s about if from here, except for my good friend down south, who is experiencing Flamingo problems again. More to follow.

Under The Weather

Posted in This N' That on May 7, 2007 by swizzmis

I woke up in the middle of the night and my mouth was dry and my throat scratchy. Uh-oh. Went back to sleep then woke up again about an hour later. Throat was beyond scratchy, on fire really, along with the sand paper in my mouth. One side of me is dripping and I’m just down right uncomfortable. Of course it’s Sunday and there’s not a doc in the box so it was off to CVS to get some meds. I don’t feel any better but I’m not getting worse. I just hope I feel good enough to travel on Tuesday. All I can say right now is Blah.

Time For Some R/R

Posted in This N' That on May 5, 2007 by swizzmis

I was headed off to Florida as of Thursday. I was supposed to arrive at my parent’s house at a respectable hour, around 6pm but instead didn’t get in until almost 9pm. First the plane was late arriving from the storms the previous evening. Then more storms came our way and on the runway we had to switch take- off direction. When all was said and done we ended up being something like #25 for take off. Oh well had my iPod and things were good. Well all accept for the cute guy in a $500 suit sitting next time me who thought he might have a shot in first class. He was very nice even though I knew he was uncomfortable as anything sitting in a middle seat on a delayed flight, without any room to take off his jacket. Poor guy. We finally arrived in Florida after a 30 minutes delay on the runway and cutie even went ahead of me to block the other passenger so I could get out. I missed my shuttle so I had to wait a couple of hours for the next one but still no worries on my end. Had my computer and the airport had free Wi-Fi so I was in business and cleaned up some of my work email. I really couldn’t do any writing with all the screaming kids and vacationer mayhem as I was sitting across from the car rental counters. After getting on the shuttle the driver asked if we could swing back by terminal B as some who also needed to take the shuttle had arrived late. We all said sure and ten minutes later we were at terminal B and no passenger. The driver said a woman was waiting for her luggage in Terminal A and now had her bags so he asked if we could go back and pick her up. We said yes and ten minutes later were back to where I started. I was feeling I wasn’t getting very far in my journey. The woman didn’t have her luggage and told us she was hoping to have had it by now but for us to go on. So we did and finally saw my destination about a quarter to nine. Oh well so much for watching Survivor with Dad but got home just in time to see who got voted off. No surprise there.So this is my second day of chillin’ and I couldn’t be happier. I miss my friends, miss my writer’s group brunch today but I’m happy to be relaxing and taking it easy, temporarily without worries. The only problem is I can receive email from here but I can’t send any so I’ll have to reply when I get back in a couple of days.  Happy weekend!

Stormy Weather

Posted in This N' That on May 3, 2007 by swizzmis

So a big, big storm rolled through here last night. I was racing home after my good best friend called me at work to tell me to hurry home or I was going to be stuck. I decided to take the side streets because the freeway would have been just too frustrating. Along the way a veil of darkness covered the south sky and it was rolling towards me. I haven’t seen Mother Nature look that mean and ugly in a while. As I’m driving I’m noticing other drivers just going the speed limit and I’m thinking to myself, “come on people, can you put the pedal to the metal a little bit here?” I zigzag in and out of traffic while keeping an eye on the south horizon. The darkness is now tinged with green and flashes of light are peeking through the blackness. Now beads of sweat are forming on my head and I suck in a deep breath of air when I’m stopped by a red light. Sitting in my car drumming my fingers on the steering wheel I wonder if I can make it home in time. Of course when it turns green the smuck who’s at the head of the line takes way too long to get his happy ass in gear. I zigzag again. Weaving in and out of traffic I go no faster than what is safe, but definitely over the speed limit. Now I don’t even need to look southward as the flashes of lighting catch the corner of my eye. Now the sky looks actually moldy and I can feel the pressure drop but I’m turning the corner now on my street and swiftly pull into the garage. The full fury of nature unleashes. I can’t see the house across the street, the winds take hold of the planets and trees and shake them down to their roots. The lighting and thunder seem to scold me for not leaving work earlier and rattle the house. Then a big gust of wind shakes us one more time and it’s over. The news reported we went through a mini hurricane as some towns experienced winds blowing over 100 miles an hour. Whew! I was sure glad to be home.